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Welcome to Eastern Europe!

Map of Eastern Europe

Countries located in Eastern Europe

Czech Republic

Most Populated Country: Russia (149 million)
Least Populated Country: Moldova (4.1 million)

Largest country: Russia, however only half of it is located in Eastern Europe, the other half of the country is located in Asia.
(17,075,400 sq km)
Smallest country: Macedonia. (67,000 square kilometers)

Russia was chosen to be on our website because it is the most populated and the largest country in Eastern Europe. It was also chosen because of its rich and classic culture. There are 149 million people in this country and their culture should be enjoyed by many. Russia also has one of the most interesting points of interest, St. Basil's Cathedral. The unique history and design make it one of the biggest tourist attractions in Russia.

Hungary was chosen to be on our website because it is one of the oldest countries and it is one of the few countries in Eastern Europe that is landlocked. Hungary's capital, Budapest, is one of the worlds most beautiful cities and is even considered the "Pearl of the Danube" river. Hungary is the home to one of Europes largest fresh lakes, the Balaton, which is a big attraction for many visitors. The unique culture, language, natural springs, and inviting locals make Hungary one of the busiest tourist spots in Eastern Europe. (Hungary Tourism,2011)

Ukraine was chosen to be on our website because of it's important location in Eastern Europe. It is at a strategic position on the crossroads Europe and Asia. Also, Ukraine is the second largest country in all of Europe (World Factbook, 2011).

Rivers of Europe

The Danube River is a significant waterway on the continent

Longest River: Danube River (1,771 miles and 2,850 km)
Shortest River: Shannon River (230 miles and 370 km)

The Highest Point in Eastern Europe: Mt. Elbrus, Russia

Mt. Elbrus 18,506 ft.

The Lowest Point in Eastern Europe: Caspian Sea, Russia

Caspian Sea 92 ft. Below Sea Level

Gross National Product

Eastern Europe produces on 7% of European Gross National Product. The country with the lowest GNP is Serbia with 5204 GNP per capita. The country with the highest GNP is Czech Republic with 19475 GNP per capita.

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