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Parent, Guardians, and Students-
Welcome to fifth grade!! I am excited for a great school year, but first let me take a moment to introduce myself! My name is Miss. Romine and I am a senior at Illinois State University. I am originally from Rockford, IL and I am thrilled to be returning to my hometown for my student teaching experience. I am an Elementary Education major with endorsements in Social Science and Language Arts. As previously mentioned, I was born and raised in Rockford and grew up with my parents and two older brothers. I do not have any pets and sadly the only pet that I have ever owned was a Hamster. I am a really sports fan, especially when it comes to Chicago sports. My favorite team in the Chicago White Sox and I will have a lot of different White Sox things located on my desk. I believe that education should consist of both learning and fun, and in order to make a fun and learning environment, my students must respect me, their peers, and themselves. I am excited to be doing my student teaching at Whitehead Elementary, and I hope everyone is ready for a great Spring semester.

About the Website:
I have created this website as a way for my students to explore the country Hungary. Along with my student teaching peers, we have put together this website that focuses primarily on the continent of Eastern Europe. It is important that students have knowledge of not only the continent that they are living on, but briefly all of the other continents as well. The website allows for interactive and fun learning, which consists of many pictures, maps, and information that will make boys and girls more familiar with Hungary. The Continent page has links to Hungary, Poland, Russia, Serbia, and Ukraine- all of which contain their own tabs that discuss geography, culture, classroom activities for those countries, and a teacher's page that has our class calendar. I have carefully chosen activities that are meant to further the students' understanding of the country and to see how life compares and contrasts with the people of Hungary. The educational philosophy and mission statement that I plan to portray to my students is that learning can be fun and exciting, while educational and we must all embrace the diversity of one another. I am looking for different activities, styles, and learning strategies to insure that my students learn to the best of their abilities, reach their potential, and have fun in their learning. Technology is very important in my classroom and with the use of a Smartboard, my students are allowed to learn using all different sorts of websites and interactive games. My educaiton at Illinois State University has taught me to be a very open minded teacher. I am here not only to teach my students, but to learn from them as well. Diversity is important in the classroom because it helps us all to realize that people come from different families, backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. Throughout the Spring semester, students will be completing Diversity projects. The students will be given a day to present their life stories. This can include their family information, their family's culture and ehtnicity, and background info. on their lives. School is not a place that should be dreaded to come from, but a place that should bring excitement to student's lives. Hopefully, with the support of faculty, staff, parents, and guardians, we can make this mission come true.

Parents/Guardians: Contact Information
Feel free to contact me any time about questions, concerns, comments, or anything else that you may need. I check my email on a daily basis (acromin@ilstu.edu) and I can also be reached from the school number (815)555-????. I will be sending out weekly newsletters about the class and curriculum that we will be covering in the following weeks. Thanks so much for your support!

Parent involvement/Volunteer sign-up sheet:

1. Volunteers needed for classroom career days. Parents/Guardians are invited to come in on the first and third Friday of every month to talk about their careers to the students. This is a great way for students to see the different careers that are out their, and it helps the classroom to become a family environment because students are getting to know the background and family members of their peers. If interested, email me with two possible Fridays that would work for you.

2. Volunteers needed for drama club!! This year will be our first year that the fifth grade classes are having a drama club. The fifth graders are all invited to participate in this club that will practice short skits, small musicals, etc. A schedule is still being made for when drama club meetings will take place, but if any of our parents/guardians can help after school that would be great. Email me if you have any interest or questions.

3. The boys and girls basketball team for winter is officially underway. We are currently looking for someone to coach so that the school can have a boys team and a girls team, rather than co-ed. If interested please contact the main office during regular school hours.

4. DEAR (Drop Everything And Read): Starting in January, we will be having Friday DEAR sessions. If any parent/guardian would be willing to come in on occasional Fridays from 1:45-2:15 to help with one on one reading with different students, let me know. This is a great opportunity for the parents to get to know the other boys and girls in their child's classroom. Email me with dates of interest or questions.

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