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Dzień dobry. Zapraszamy do Polska. Nazywam się Krzysztof
Good day. Welcome to Poland. My name is Christophe

Hello 5th grade students and welcome to Poland! This is Krzysztof from Poland and he is here to help you navigate around the wiki.

This website is designed for students to explore Poland in a fun, interactive way. I, Mr. Rybicki have included lesson plans students will be participating in as well as a my tentative calendar and student assignments. This wiki focuses generally on the geographic and cultural aspects of Poland. As an educator I find that it is important that students become familiar and aware of other cultures, because of the diverse groups that are found in the U.S. Enjoy!

Polish złoty

Flag of Poland with Bielik Eagle

Name: Poland (Polska)

Official Name: Republic of Poland

Population: 38.1 million

Capital: Warsaw (Largest City)

Language: Polish

Government: Parliamentary Republic

President: Bronislaw Komorowski

Currency: złoty (PLN)

National Animal: Bielik Eagle (Pictured on flag ⬅)

Anthem Word Cloud

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