Classroom Activities

Classroom Activities
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The following lessons will be implemented for either early or upper elementary students during this unit

Early Elementary Activity

Geography: Exploring Poland
During this activity, students will learn about the location of Poland and some of its geographical attributes including its capital, population, and climate in relation to the United States. Students will be given a star to mark and label the capital, as well as other major cities in Poland. Students will also be asked to label major water masses like rivers, lakes, and oceans as well as, mountain ranges and major wildlife environments.

- Map of Poland (blank)
- Map of United States (blank)
- Construction paper markers for capitals, cities, rivers, etc.
- pencils, pens
- colored pencils

At the end of the lesson students will be ask to compare the geographical similarities and differences that they have found. Make sure the students utilize and retain the vocabulary associated with this lesson (e.g. Mouth, Delta, Population, etc.).

Upper Elementary Activity

Writing: Pen-pal
During this activity students will be coordinated with a polish pen-pal. Through this assignment students will be asked to learn about their pen-pal's life and culture, as well as educating their pen-pal with his or her own culture.

- lined, college ruled, paper
- pen or pencil
- stamps
- List of coordinating Polish students
- envelopes

Students will be writing to their pen-pal back and forth throughout the course of the year. At the end of the school year, students will be asked to create a presentation or Venn diagram that represents the data that they have found including similarities, differences, and any other useful or interesting information that they have found to share.

Poland: Coat of Arms

Fine Arts Activity

Visual Art: Coat of Arms
During this activity students will learn about what a Coat of Arms is and what they represent.

- paper with Coat of Arms template
- colored pencils, markers, crayons
- graphite pencil

Using Poland's Coat of Arms, introduce the term to students. Ask students if they know what a Coat of Arms is or what it is used for. After introducing the subject invite students to make their own Coat of Arms using the listed materials above. Explain to students that their Coat of Arms should represent them. For example, I am a teacher, so my Coat of Arms may have pictures of books, pencils, rulers, etc. Emphasize the Coat of Arms as a true representation of themselves and what they are passionate about. When students have completed their drawing, invite volunteers to share their Coat of Arms with the rest of the class. Close the activity with a brief discussion on why Coat of Arms may be important, especially to something large like a country.

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