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Here you can explore the geography of Poland. Take some time to examine the maps, photos, and information I have provided for you.

Eastern Europe: Poland - Dark Green

Quick Facts:

- 69th largest country in the world

- 9th largest country in Europe

- Home to the largest white stork population

Poland is bordered by:

Germany to the West

Czech Republic and Slovakia to the South

Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania to the east

Baltic Sea to the North


Summers on average are generally warm (63-68 degrees)

Winters on average are cold (37-21 degrees)

Major Water Forms:

Vistula (River, 651 mi, flow into Baltic Sea)

Oder (River, 531 mi, flow into Baltic Sea)

Warta (River, 502 mi, tributary of Vistula)

Bug (River, 480 mi, tributary of Vistula)

Baltic Sea (Sea)

Lake Solina (Lake)

Solina, Poland

The map on the left shows Warsaw, Poland's capital which you can see is located on the Vistula River. Can you see it on the map? The Vistula River is the longest river in Poland and flows into the Baltic Sea to the North. The picture on the right shows a small family spending time at the beach. The Solina Lake in Poland is a popular area for tourists to spend their vacation time.

The Carpathian Mountains are the second largest mountains in Europe, the Alps being the largest. The Carpathians border Poland's southern border.

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