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Mr. Rybicki

Mr. Rybicki

Hello my name is Dane Rybicki and I am currently finishing up my studies at Illinois State University for my Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education. During the upcoming semester I will be student teaching in Eastbourne, England for 10 weeks through Brighton University. Through my Illinois State experience I have uncovered my avid interest in conducting research to better education for our children. Upon receiving a Master's degree and teaching for several years, I hope to return to school and acquire my PhD in education.

I have created the following website for my C&I258 Social Studies Methods class with Dr. Jadallah for our ITPS D requirement. This wiki I have designed as a way to engage children to learn about another culture, without out the aspect of heavy textbook reading or written reports. The wiki provides students with an appropriate amount of multimedia and technology that is fun and also educationally inviting.

Educational Philosophy

When I first graduated high school, I was certain about the lifelong career I wanted to pursue. Upon graduation, I would be starting the following fall at DePaul University as a video game development major. Once the semester began, within a week’s time I realized how unhappy I was. Video game development was definitely not something I was neither passionate about nor comfortable with. Withdrawing from DePaul was stressful but is something I will never regret. From this point forward I started off comfortably at a community college while also working full time as a lifeguard and camp counselor. Through my experience as a camp counselor, I discovered my passion to work and interact with young children. This realization helped me understand the importance of education among young children and jump-started my journey to becoming an educator.
The role of schooling is to educate and prepare young children for today’s society. With vast technologies and politics, the importance of being educated in society is something that has become crucial. Without education there would be no new technological and political advancements or improvements. All of society uses education to function as a whole. Technology deals with one of the most important aspects of education, the texts and media used by educators. Current advancements with Smartboards and online resources offer teachers lesson abilities that were not available before and offer students a wide range of material to work and interact with. Politics plays a role in funding education and making it available to everyone. I recently wrote an appreciative letter to President Obama commending him on his active commitment to education and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Politics is what drives education to be the best that it can be and implements quality education for all. Quality teachers and instruction is what allows for a student to be successful in today’s society.
In today’s society diversity amongst different cultural groups has become more apparent, especially in school classrooms. I feel that because of such diverse environments, it is important to incorporate cultural awareness into curriculum. Today, many schools have events like World Day, where students can learn about many different cultures in their school. Understanding these different cultures allows for more positive classroom interaction among peers and teachers. Having healthy relationships in a classroom is key to educational success. Being culturally aware also allows me as a teacher to not only better interact and relate with my students but also their parents. Through a curriculum that incorporates cultural awareness, students and teachers can more easily establish cultured relationships in the classroom and most importantly in our diverse society.
Being an educated person is someone who is well-rounded and literate of texts that one would encounter in society. Being literate is the ability to identify and interpret texts into meaning, which plays an important role in being educated especially with the vast amount of materials and media in society today. Being well-rounded allows for someone to have skills they have learned and use them in their everyday life. Having a general understanding of math, reading, writing, science, and history allows for someone to easily interact with society. Interactions include simple things like calculating expenses and understanding values, reading text, writing checks and other various documents, working with technology, etc. Being an educated person means that a person can successfully interact with society by creating relationships with others, being literate, and initiating some sort of income based on their education and experience as a learner. As a teacher I feel it is crucial that I create curriculum that allows for my students to develop as well-rounded individuals.
The role of a teacher is to establish positive relationships with students and expose them to various materials, activities, assignments, and assessments, which they can learn and elaborate from. I believe that the best way to expose students to their learning is through their own self-discovery, rather than lessons that are strictly directed and controlled by the teacher. Students should be able to explore their learning environment freely with minimal teacher guidance. I feel that it is important for students to learn about topics that interest them and incorporate their ideas into my lesson plans and assignments as much as possible. I believe that students will engage in their own learning more effectively when it deals with something that interests them or something that they are passionate about. Teachers have more of a responsibility rather than a role to insure that their students are successful in society.
As a teacher I hope to incorporate this educational philosophy to the best of my ability by implementing the role of schooling in society, diversity and cultural awareness, what it means to be an educated person, and the role of an effective teacher based on my views. As a teacher, I hold responsibility for my students, and the future of our society. As an educator I hope to build strong, independent students that will continue to grow on what I have taught them. As well as having a deep understanding of their knowledge and why it is important to be educated in today’s society.

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