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Hello from Miss Pieroni!
Miss Pieroni

Hello, I am Miss Pieroni and I am currently a Senior at Illinois State University. The 6th graders are learning about Russia in their Social Studies textbook, so this website was created to facilitate some of our lessons and to give the students extra information. The website is open to all the students to use whenever they need it. The students will be held responsible for the information discussed in class, as well as some of the information provided here. This website was also created as a resource for parents and guardians. Parents and guardians can find all of the information discussed in school here and this information will help the students complete any assignments they may have. Parents and guardians can come to this page and also find their students grades and find their students homework on this tab. There is a privacy setting with each student's name that way only those who know the setting will be able to view the students' records. If there are any questions or comments please feel free to contact me. My email is jlpiero@ilstu.edu and my phone number is (---) --- ----.

I also wanted to share my educational philosophy, so that as a parent, guardian, or student you can see what my priorities as an educator are. This is important to share because it shows how my classroom will operate and how I will educate the future of tomorrow.

As an elementary education major at Illinois State University, I have the goal to become the best elementary teacher I can be. I cannot become the best educator I can be, without focusing on the democratic ideal. While I am attending Illinois State University, I plan to work toward all the commitments within the ideal, but I plan to focus on three areas that I feel will better me for my future. First, I will focus on having a wide general knowledge and a deep knowledge of my content area. Second, I will focus on having an interest in and an ability to seek out informational, technological, and collegial resources. Lastly, I will focus on having a working knowledge of diversity among learners. As I strive to excel in these three areas, I will become a better educator.

To have a wide general knowledge and a deep knowledge of my content area is not only beneficial to my students, but to myself as well. As an elementary education teacher, you are teaching the entire curriculum to your students. Having a wide base of knowledge helps your students become more excited in the learning process. I plan to achieve this wide base knowledge, while attending my classes at Illinois State University. At Illinois State, we are taking classes that show us how to teach the curriculum, as well, as teach us the curriculum. To make sure I have the widest knowledge base, I plan to attend all my classes and take notes to remember the information by. I plan to share my ideas in class discussions and listen to my peers as they share their ideas. The best knowledge and ideas come from those around you. While you are in college you must take advantage of the many viewpoints. Without a wide knowledge base your students will not learn all that they should have.

To have an interest in and an ability to seek out informational, technological, and collegial resources is beneficial for an educator. Technology is in the classroom now, and will only become a larger focus in a classroom in the future. The ability to learn about and use technology is a must for future educators. As I am in my curriculum and instruction classes at Illinois State University, I am exposed to many technologies. I must not only understand how to use them, but if I do not know how, I must learn to use the technology correctly. Another resource that is great for educators to use is your colleagues. I am learning this at Illinois State University is by collaborating with my classmates, who are also education majors. A way I am learning to collaborate is by working in groups and forming mini lessons. These resources can assist me as an educator to run a classroom with fewer interruptions.

In a diverse classroom there are many learning styles and an educator has to recognize this. Not every student learns the same way another student does. I am learning in all my education classes how to accommodate different types of learners. In each lesson plan I write I am taking into consideration different types of learners that are expected to be in your classroom. I am also learning ways to reteach a lesson using different strategies to ensure that each and every student is learning to the best of their ability. By taking further education classes here at Illinois State University, I am hoping to learn even more strategies to teach every learning style.

By having these three commitments in mind I plan to have an effective classroom. By having an effective classroom, not only will I be the best educator I can be, but also my students will go home everyday having learned something new and exciting. The students’ learning is the most important aspect to me. The students are the reason I want to be an educator and why I want to strive to be the best. Not only the best educator, but also the best person I can be.

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