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Welcome to Russia!

Hello 6th Graders! We are about to embark on the most incredible journey of Russia. We will encounter Russia's history, as well as Modern Russia. In the following pages you will find information about Russia's geography, culture, politics, and major landmarks. There will also be a page where there will be questions posted for you to answer. The last page of this website is the teacher's page, here you will find your grade, teacher information, etc.

Below is some basic information of Russia that you are going to encounter on the first day of your tour. The information below includes the flag, national anthem, and a quick tour of Russia. Let's begin our tour! Enjoy Russia!

Flag of Russia

To the left is the flag of Russia. It's colors are white, red, and blue. These are the same colors used in the American flag. Russia's flag has three thick bands, each are a different color. White is on the top and stands for generosity and frankness. The blue band, in the middle, stands for loyalty, honesty, and wisdom. The red band, on the bottom, stands for courage, magnanimity, and love. (worldflags101.com, n.d.)

frankness -means to be open-minded
magnanimity - means to be forgiving

National Anthem of Russia

To the left is a video of Russia. The video is used to show you what there is to see in Russia. The video is going to show you big cities and many parts of the culture. Get excited, and enjoy a two minute tour of Russia. Have fun!

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