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Welcome to Serbia!!!This page has been created for both your enjoyment and educational purposes. Please feel free to browse around by clicking the links about to see what new things you can learn. At the end of you experience please click on the questions link and take the quiz. I hope you all learn a lot from this web page. You will find information on Geograpy of Serbia, some of the different cultures and traditions. By clicking on the Classroom Activities Tab you will find some activities we will be working on during class. If you head to the Teacher's page you will find a little information about your teacher, the class calander, and your homework assignments for this unit.
Serbian Flag


To the right is the Serbian Flag. It's colors are the same as the United States, red, white, and blue. The colors of the flag represent Slavic Unity and Independence (Answers, 2011). The symbol in the middle of the flag includes the Serbian cross, and the coat of arms. (Wikipedia, 2011)

Serbian National Anthem

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